About Us

Imagine a prosthetic solution so smart that it automatically adapts to an individual’s walking style and environment while continuously learning and optimizing the user’s needs?

An extension of the pioneering work done by Iceland’s Őssur Kristinsson, Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics is proud to be the first in Africa to introduce this technology and is leading the market in helping amputees to “stand tall and walk with style”.

Established in 2007 at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa, Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics launched upon one of the 21st century’s latest areas of technology – Bionics.

Today, bionic technology is redefining modern prostheses and taking a massive step towards restoring and replacing lost function in ways that were unimaginable in the past.

In providing cutting-edge, affordable solutions to clients combined with the necessary rehabilitation and care, Icexpress continues to pave the way forward in the field of advanced technology.