Ntando Mahlangu

Winning silver at the age of 14 for South Africa at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games; T61 sprinter Ntando Mahlangu is One to Watch in the build-up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Tyrone Pillay

“I aim to perform at the best of my ability and obtain medals in both my events at the National event. My goal is to make the SA Paralympic squad”.

Arnu Fourie

On the way to the hospital, my rugby dreams were making their way out of my life. The next morning when I woke up, the first thing someone said to me was ‘The Paralympic record for the 100m is 11.06 seconds’ – it was the start of a new dream.”

Fred Furstenberg

“I am aiming for 32 meters in the F42 javelin event, and 10 meters in the Shot Put event at SA’s 2010. My goal is to keep working and to keep improving.”

Jean Joubert

“My immediate goal is to qualify for the 2013 IPC World Championships and to utilise every opportunity granted. I am inspired by other disabled athletes, and choose to adopt a can-do attitude at all times. I would like to be a role-model to others”.

Casper Schutte

This sportsman from Potchefstroom has one of the most remarkable rehabilitation stories – a real inspiration to other amputees.

Berno Haarhoff

Berno Haarhoff is not only one of South Africa’s most promising young Paralympic athletes; alongside holding down a full-time job, training five times a week and studying, this 25-year-old also finds time to act as role-model to other cancer survivors and disabled youngsters.

Lohan Fourie

“I aim to perform at the very best of my abilities and to live a full, successful life”.

Petrus van Breda

“I hope to continue to perform well and to qualify for possible selection to represent South Africa at future international events.”

Coert van Straaten

“The fact that I am still able to do the things I love, even though I am an amputee, drives me. I am especially inspired by other disabled athletes who are performing well.”