sport-rehabIcexpress Progressive Prosthetics follows an interdisciplinary approach that involves collaborations with various medical experts to achieve pain-free rehabilitation and mobility.

Early intervention and swift action is vital to ensure optimum outcomes – especially where vascular conditions and diabetes are concerned. In-house services are available to ensure the best possible result in the shortest time.

Customised physical therapy programs are designed and monitored to ensure best results and Running Clinics are available on request.

Post-surgery Program

post-surgeryDeveloped and tested in Sweden; Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics employs a post-surgery program that is based on early intervention to ensure early mobility.

Where amputation occurs due to diabetes – fast, effective care by a group of collaborating specialists is vital.

Icexpress’ expertise in the treatment and prevention of diabetes-related conditions is testament to its clinically proven post-surgery strategy.

Wound Care

wound-careWound care is an essential part of the healing process.

Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics follows a strategy of early intervention and proven post-surgery solutions to enable mobility in the shortest space of time.
Proper wound care measures reduce the chances of infection.

Hypo-allergenic silicone liners are incorporated to speed up the healing process, increase blood flow to the residual limb, protect newly formed scar tissue, and minimize swelling.

An in-house wound care service is available to help achieve this.


physiotherapyFor those living with amputations, exercise becomes a way of life.

Physiotherapy at Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics is directed at enabling prosthetic users to live as independently as possible. The importance of a well designed physical therapy plan, whether pre- or post-surgery, cannot be overemphasised. From the start, measures are taken to prevent secondary problems such as tightening of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin which may prevent the natural movement of the hip or knee.

The ability to balance and transfer weight is key to getting the most out of a prosthesis. Physical therapy, designed to address individual needs, opens the lock. Gait training forms an integral part of the rehabilitation process and is aimed at teaching the user to overcome environmental barriers such as uneven terrain, inclines, curbs and stairs.

Customised training and support programs are offered in-house to assist prosthetic users to achieve maximum mobility and control combined with a comfortable, natural walking style.

Prosthetic Manufacturing

manufacture-processAn Icexpress prosthetic limb consists of a combination of latest-technology components.

The recommended mix of components depends on:

  • whether the amputation is trans-femoral or trans-tibial
  • the users physical ability which is related to age, weight, level of fitness and medical history
  • required outcomes based on the user’s lifestyle, activities and aspirations

Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics offers pioneering technologies in its silicone liners, custom-designed sockets, bionic knees, feet and upper extremity solutions.

Ongoing collaborative research and development initiatives allow Icexpress to offer faster, more effective and efficient options. Usually, conventional manufacturing processes can take days if not weeks.

New innovations allow for prosthetic fitment to take place within hours – Icexpress employs cutting edge techniques to get users mobile, rehabilitated and functional as soon as possible while providing ongoing support, counselling and care.

Prosthetic Care

prosthetic-careComfort is the main objective when fitting prostheses.

The primary focus is achieving the best possible solution to suit individual needs by utilising specific components and bionic solutions. After a process of personal and medical evaluation, Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics submits a recommendation regarding the best possible bionic solution.

This is reinforced by providing each potential user with the relevant supporting information, facilitating counselling sessions and collaborating with physical therapists on the most effective physical training regime.

Users are well briefed on the realities of caring for both the residual limb and the prosthetic components themselves.

Running Clinics

running-clinicsAt Icexpress the aim is to not only to get users walking again, but to run again as well.

Whether for fun, sport or to flee a dangerous situation, the ability to run again after an amputation is an important part of being optimally mobile.

At Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics running is encouraged and Running Clinics are arranged on a needs basis.

Running Clinics address the following:

  • prosthetic trust
  • loading the prosthetic foot
  • balance
  • stride symmetry
  • arm carriage

Icexpress follows a scientific approach guaranteed to enable users to run at different speeds while inevitably improving each individuals walking style in the process.

Sport Rehabilitation

sport-rehab-2Icexpress specializes in sports rehabilitation and assists athletes from a variety of sports codes to achieve optimum performance both on the sports field, and off.

This is achieved by identifying and addressing any areas of concern such as muscle weakness, tightness, or loss of range of motion.

Customised physical therapy programs are designed and monitored to ensure best results and Running Clinics are available on request.

Dorset Orthopaedic

dorset-orthopedicAn international market leader in advanced transtibial cosmesis, Dorset Orthopaedic creates silicone coverings for prostheses that blend seamlessly with each individual’s body.

The specialist silicone team at Dorset provide an extensive range of lower limb cosmeses designed to meet individual needs. Real life silicone solutions for those who want to look good and feel great!

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